So my first blog :)

Ok my english isn't really good but i say all the time:
Learning by doing 
Ok my first blog is about me. Just that you know WHO i am.

My name is Jessie and i live in germany
I love to live here..really but my favorite country is ENGLAND!! I love this country so so so much. It is wonderful, and full of very nice people (and pretty hot bands)
Bands...My favorite bands ever are: McFLY and The Beatles. (very britsh )

I was on 2 McFLY concerts. And both were brilliant. 
Hm...aah Yes, i really enjoy it to read. I love it. It makes so much fun. At the moment i read "Vampire Diaries" from L.J. Smith. I bought me the book today. Actually didn't read it. (ok just five or 6 pages)
But i hope this book is good. After i read it, i'll write a review here. I promise. 
And i'll write here about music, stars, and things that are important for me, or things i want tell you

ok I think this was it for today

Cheers, Jessie  

10.10.09 19:40


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