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YES i have a own twitter account. And YES I'm addicted to this! And yeees...I'm there because of McFLY. I know I'm a freak haha...

But it is really addictiv...

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you can follow me (it is from

Some News..Hm...About McFLY? Not really much...booooh come on guys make anything...Atm it is so boring to be a fan of you.
On the TV right now is "The Stockcar Crash Challange" from and with the one and only STEFAN RAAB.
I'll write sometimes about it if anything important to tell about. Yeah

Two celebs can't drive there today:

Mandy (from the german Girlband Monrose) and
H.P. Baxxter poor guys.

But instead of Mandy is going to drive OLI P. uuuuh..
Ok i know that isn't important but i wanted to tell you that

If there is anything important you can read it here

Cheers, Jessie

10.10.09 20:37


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